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Dr Jennie Lewis’s retirement

Dr Jennie Lewis will be significantly reducing her availability at MHC over the next few years as she prepares for retirement.  If you are a patient of Dr Lewis, please keep this in mind and begin to seek an alternative GP at MHC who can support your care with Dr Lewis, then take over your care once she retires.

Test results

MHC would like to remind all patients that ‘no news means good news’ in relation to all tests.

Your GP or Practice Nurse will only contact you if there is something which you need to know about your test results, or which requires follow up.

If you do not hear from your GP or Practice Nurse, this means that your results are all fine and there is nothing further you need to do.

Patient registration

Dr Sam Whittaker has joined the MHC team from Wellington and is now well settled into our Southern ways!  If you would like to register with Sam simply let our reception staff know when you visit for your next appointment.

It is important you are registered with the GP you see the most. This ensure that a GP knows you well and has a good long term relationship with you.  Having this relationship will work better for your ongoing care needs, and will ensure that all information related to your care will go to the GP who knows you the best.

Community Service Card changes and under 14’s

From 1 December fees for Community Service Card holders are changing!

MHC charges for normal working hours will be:

$12.50 for 14-17 years old with CSC

$18.50 for 18+ years old with CSC

*out of hours service fees will apply to CSC holders

MHC will also be extending free child visits.  Presently, appointments are free for under 13’s.  This will be extended to under 14’s from 1 December.



Phone line changes

From 1 November 2018 there will no longer be a nurses phone line available.  There will be a prescription line for repeat requests, or Manage My Health (MMH) where you can email your GP directly with any requests.

If you would like to speak to a nurse for results or advice please book a nurse clinic appointment.

To have full access to your latest results and medical information you can register for MMH by contacting reception on 4665011.

For free medical advice you can also call the Ministry of Health’s Healthline on: 0800 611 116.

If you have fallen unwell and believe you need an on the day appointment, please contact reception who will take your details and our acute clinic GP or Nurse Practitioner will call you back to assess your needs.

Manage My Health (MMH) and children

MMH is a patient portal which allows you access to your own private health information securely.

You can also book appointments and request prescriptions on line.

To register and receive your own private password for access to your own notes, contact reception on 4665011.

MHC is now providing MMH access for children under 16 years.  Parental authority, and patient consent is required (if able), with the expectation that the password and access be changed to patient only access once they reach 16 years.


MHC Teams

MHC is moving to a ‘team approach’ with our GP services.  This means that if your registered GP is unavailable, reception will direct you to one of the GPs within the same team.  The GPs meet regularly to discuss cases and care to enhance the patient journey, and their health outcomes.

This approach will help GPs to work much closer on the care of patients, and will help those with chronic or ongoing conditions to be better supported.  As a team of GPs will know what has been happening with your care, they will be able to assist both you and each other, in providing the best possible care and outcomes for your condition.

If you would like more information, or would like to give feedback on your experience, please contact the Practice Manager.

New GPs

MHC has recently welcomed four new GPs to our centre.

Dr John Byron was here as a Registrar at the start of 2017 so many of you may already know him.

Dr Prasanna Govindaraj is an experienced GP and has joined us from Wellington with her lovely family.

Dr Ceara Harbinson has moved from Clutha to be part of the MHC team.

Dr Riana Calman has also moved from Wellington.

Should you choose, you can register with any of these GPs today.

Christmas time

As we begin the countdown to Christmas, MHC would like to wish all our patients a wonderful, safe, and fun filled Christmas and New Year.  Don’t forget to book your appointment for the Christmas period early, or ask for a telephone prescription to make sure you have enough medication to see you through.

Next year we have four new GPs joining our ranks, which should increase the ease with which our patients will be able to book appointments.  If you are interested in having internet access to book your own appointments on line, ask reception next time your in, or call 4665011 today.

Spring is in the air

Not that todays rain represents Spring, but it’s good to be past the severe winter chills.  At MHC we are excited for Dr Kirsten Taylor as she leaves at the end of this month to have her first child.  We know you will wish Kirsten and her husband all the best.

MHC has updated it’s website recently, and this now includes information about our ‘out of consult’ fees.  If you have any paperwork to be completed outside of a consult, this is where you need to check the cost of a GP completing this.  We are hoping that with summer travels being planned, that more of our patients will join MMH in order to access their medical information from anywhere around the world, should they need it.  Just fill in a form at reception next time your around MHC!