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What is Super Saturday?

Aotearoa – we all have a role to play in protecting ourselves, our whanau and our community by getting COVID-19 vaccinated.  MHC is taking part in the nationwide Super Saturday to increase our vaccination rates.  You can book an appointment at or just turn up between the 9.30am – 1.30pm to get your vaccine.

The more people who are fully vaccinated, the more protection we have against COVID-19 and this gives us more freedom – freedom of concerns, for summer, of lockdowns and pressures and barriers to access and taking action.

We need two things to protect ourselves, our whanau and our communities in this outbreak and in the future.

FIRST we need as many people as possible to have their first does to be partially protected;

SECONDLY we need all those people to be fully vaccinated with two doses as soon as possible.

Its never been more urgent – Summer is just eight weeks away, get two doses before summer starts to be able to take advantage of everything that a Kiwi summer offers.

See you on Saturday.

The MHC Team.


MHC Alert Level 2 Update

We are currently operating under Alert Level 2 guidelines.  Phone consultations are preferred but please indicate if you require a face-to-face consultation when you are booking your appointment via Manage My Health or with reception.  Please do not come to the practice without an appointment.

Masks must be worn when entering the practice and either scan in using the NZ COVID-19 tracer app or sign in at reception.   Please attend your appointment alone unless you require a support person.

Face-to-face appointments: 

We continue to operate using two separate areas depending on your symptoms., referred to as either the RED or GREEN streams.  If you have respiratory symptoms, sore throat, cough, cold or flu-like symptoms such as muscle aches, weakness, fatigue of fever, please let out staff know, and we will arrange for a GP to phone you.  If you require a face-to-face consultation, you will be seen in the RED stream which is accessed via the alleyway just past the pedestrian crossing if coming up the hill.  All other patients will be seen via our normal main entrance.  When you make an appointment or speak to your GP, you will be advised which entrance to use for your appointment.

Nurse appointments are available, please phone to speak to reception who will be able to advise you further.


We are continuing to recommend COVID-19 swabs for our patients with respiratory symptoms. Please phone reception to book.


MHC are administering COVID-19 vaccines. The COVID-19 vaccination is free to everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand.  You can get the vaccine if you’re aged 12 or over.  The easiest way to book your COVID vaccine is at


We are accepting enrollments for those patients who have moved to the Dunedin area and do not have a GP in Dunedin.    Please phone reception.



Please be aware now that we are in Alert Level 4 we are following the Ministry of Health guidelines and all appointments will be completed over the phone.    If the GP thinks you need to be seen face to face an appointment will be arranged.

Please do not turn up at the practice.

The MHC Team.

Booking Your COVID-19 Vaccine

MHC have started COVID-19 vaccination clinics for those that are eligible, even if you are not a patient with us.

To find if you are eligible please visit:

The receptionists can not book these for you, you MUST book them through the website, or by phoning 0800 28 29 26 for the national booking system.

The MHC Team.

Patient Survey

We want to hear your views!
Over the next few weeks you may recieve an email or text message inviting you to take part in a patient experience survey about your recent experience at MHC. By taking part in the survey, you would be helping to improve the care you and your whanau recieve, as well as care and access to health services in local communities across New Zealand. Taking part in the survey is voluntary and anonymous. Please ensure the contact details we have for you are up to date. This can be done by contacting reception.
Thank you The MHC Team.

COVID VACCINE rollout to Dunedin’s Group 3 population

Currently all Group 3 COVID vaccinations are given in the Southern DHB’s clinic in the Meridian Mall.  No general practices in the Dunedin area are able to offer the COVID vaccine.  MHC has expressed it’s interest and willingness to offer COVID vaccinations and we hope to be able to offer this service to our patients soon.

Group 3 includes those aged 65 years or over, those with relevant underlying health conditions, disabled people and pregnant people.  More details of underlying health condtions can be found on COVID-19 vaccine rollout groups | Unite against COVID-19 (

Please do not phone MHC to make your appointment, use the link below or phone 0800 829 768.

Vaccine Management Portal – Vaccine Administration Management (

From the team at MHC


The 2021 Influenza Immunisation Programme has started, from 17th May the flu vaccine will be available to ALL our patients.

Phone reception on 466 5011 to book your appointment.

Please note that the Covid-19 vaccine programme is being managed by the Ministry of Health and we have not received instructions as to our involvement at this stage.  However, we do know that there is a 14 day gap required between having the flu vaccine and your first Covid-19 vaccine. So, if you have not been notified to go for a Covid vaccine, we recommend you act quickly to have your flu vaccine as soon as possible. Similarly, if you choose to have the Covid-19 vaccine before the flu vaccine you will need to wait 14 days after the second Covid-19 vaccine before you can have the flu vaccine.

Asthma Medication Changes

In 2020, changes were made to the New Zealand guidelines around how asthma in adults and teenagers should be treated.   It has been shown that for most people, (even those with mild or exercise induced asthma) that making a simple change in the type of inhaler and how and when you use it, may reduce asthma symptoms in day-to-day life.  This change can also reduce the risk of serious asthma episodes which is really exciting!

The new changes also make asthma treatment much simpler by using only one type of inhaler even when your asthma is playing up.

Please book an appointment to see one of our nurses or doctors to discuss how we can work together to improve your asthma symptoms.


Monday 1st March 2021

MHC wants to maintain as SAFE an environment as possible for patients and staff alike, so any changes to our service delivery will be made with this in mind.

If you have any respiratory symptoms (runny nose, cold, cough, fever, aches, loss or smell) please phone us BEFORE coming to the practice.  We encourage phone consultations.  If, after the phone appointment, the doctor decides you need to be seen, they will make an in-person appointment for you.

To optimise social distancing and we are aiming to minimise the number of people in our waiting room.  With this in mind, we ask that patients try NOT to arrive too early for appointments and where attend on their own or with one support person only.  Please wear mask when entering the practice if you have one.

Due to GP retirement and maternity leave we are currently experiencing a longer wait time to see your GP than normal.    We do apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. Many issues may able to be dealt with without seeing a GP in person so please don’t be offended if our reception team ask for the reason for your appointment.  For routine appointments e.g. Prescription Repeats, please ensure you book you routine appointments well in advance.

Stay safe

The MHC Team

Guardians of the Future

Protect against Measles

Are you aged 15-30 years?

Become a Guardian of the Future by getting immunised against measles. Not only will you be protecting yourself against a disease that’s about 8 times more contagious than COVID-19, you’ll also be protecting your whānau, your community, and future generations from harm.

Measles is a serious disease that can make you very sick. Not everyone aged 15 to 30 years was immunised as a child. But it’s easy and free to get immunised now.

Protect the people you care about. Immunise to help stop the spread of measles. It’s free at GPs or participating pharmacies.

Not sure if you’re immunised against measles?  It’s okay to get immunised again.