New Patients


Details of GP and nurse fees are displayed in the waiting room and copies are available from reception.  If you are unsure about the charges you are likely to incur, please ask your GP, nurse, or a receptionist.

The following services are free to you:

  • Childhood immunisations
  • Influenza vaccinations (for those 65 and over, and sufferers of certain chronic illnesses)
  • Maternity care (non-specialist) for the first 14 weeks only
GP consultation fees as of 1 September  2015 0-13 years   no charge
(for patients enrolled and funded) 13-17 years     $13.50
  18+ years     $39.50

For those patient who wish to be seen who are not enrolled at MHC, there will be additional unfunded costs.


Consultations 6-8pm week nights $20.00
Consultations during opening hours – week ends $30.00
Consultations at clinic, when closed – week days $55.00
Consultations at clinic, when closed – weekends $55.00
Home visit week days 9am – 6pm $55.00
Home visit week days 6pm – 9pm and during weekends $105.00

Payment options

For your convenience we offer the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Telephone Banking
  • Automatic Payment

If you chose not to pay on the day of your consultation, you will be sent an account at the end of the month.  Payment is expected by the 20th of the following month

We offer an automatic payment facility for those patients who find it easier to make regular payments off their account.  This can be arranged through our Practice Administrator.

Overdue Accounts

If you choose not to pay your account we reserve the right to refer your account to a Collection Agency.  This agency will add a collection fee (approx. 25% of the amount owing plus GST), plus legal costs.  If your account is lodged with a collection agency, you will no longer be given any credit from the Mornington Health Centre

Please note that any account that remains unpaid will be recorded with the credit reporting authority and may adversely affect your ability to obtain credit with any other business within NZ.

If all, or part, of your account has been due for 60 days or more, unless it is a medical emergency, we will ask you to pay before any GP or nurse service is provided to you.