Minor Surgery

At MHC we have a number of highly skilled GP’s who have advanced their knowledge and surgical skills to include a number of minor surgery procedures able to be carried out in our state of the art minor theatre room.  If you have a problem which may be suitable for treatment at MHC, please discuss this with your GP to ensure the correct treatment plan and referral are made.


Decided no more children? MHC  can provide a vasectomy for both registered and non-registered patients.  With a number of GP’s trained and experienced within MHC, booking an appointment will be no problem.  Please contact reception, indicating what the appointment is for.  This will ensure the correct time allocation, equipment, and resources will be available.

Skin Surgery

The rate of skin lesions in New Zealand are increasing, and in order to support the fast and efficient removal of any suspect skin lesion, we have the GPSI (GP with special interest) skin lesion surgery available at MHC.  This means you will not need to wait for an appointment at the Dunedin Public Hospital, instead we can deal with it right here!  You will be referred by your GP to Dr Peter Gent in the first instance for examination and to ensure removal is the best course of action.  Then you will be booked into the minor theatre for the surgery right here on site.