“Why are we not ‘back to normal’ in level one?

We’d like to thank all our patients for ‘bearing with us’ during the recent months whilst we’ve been forced to change the way that we deliver care to you.  Like most people we’re really happy to see Level 1 arrive.  We’re also conscious that we still need to be vigilant for a return of COVID.  Not only that, but some of the changes we’ve made because of COVID have improved our processes for preventing other infectious diseases and we will be carrying on these changed ways of working for the foreseeable future.

So, what will be different from pre COVID times?

1. All patients will be asked if they have any respiratory (cough, cold, shortness of breath) symptoms and a brief reason for their consultation.  Our receptionists are bound by the Health Information Privacy Code and do not share information with people outside the practice.

2. Patients with cold or flu like symptoms will be seen in our ‘red stream’. This is a separate part of the practice from the ‘green stream’.  These patients will have a phone or video consultation with the doctor prior to seeing a GP in person.

3. The patient portal will only be available for booking virtual (video or telephone) consultations. This is because of the need to ask people screening questions before they come to the practice.

4. Telephone & video consultations: Virtual Consultations will be offered when safe and clinically appropriate.  This has the added benefits of ensuring no transmission of ’bugs’ and convenience for you.

We thank you again for understanding the changes we’ve made and of course welcome any constructive feedback on these changes.

The MHC Team.