Coming soon – access to your consultation notes via Manage My Health!

Currently patients enrolled with the online patient portal,  Manage My Health, can access their lab results, order prescriptions, book appointments, see recalls coming up and email the health team.

Soon you will also have access to your consultation notes.  We plan to have this function available from the 2nd of April, 2020.   Only notes written from this date will be available via the portal.

Please be aware that medical records cannot be a verbatim account and medical jargon is used along with abbreviations.  Some terms have different meaning to the lay person.  Medical notes are often brief and condensed to points that are most clinically relevant.  If you have questions about what has been written please do not hesitate to ask at your next consultation.  Legally changes to existing notes are not allowed but an amendment can be added at a later date.

How long after my consultation will I be able to see what was written?  It can take up to 24 hours for the clinician to finalise your notes.  Please note that come clinicians can write their notes in full at the time of the consultation, but others make brief notes or headings and write them up later on in the day.  Not all tasks associated with the visit will be done within this time frame as research and other actions to be taken my take longer.

If you are not currently registered with Manage My Health and wish to have access to all the benefits listed above please phone the friendly reception team on 466 5011.