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Josephine Greer

NZRD, PGDip Nutrition, BSc

Josephine is an experienced dietician and owner of Nutrition and Life, a company offering pediatric, and adult nutrition advice on site at Mornington Health Centre.  


You can see Josephine for:

Digestive health:

-relieve constipation, bloating, abdo pain

-FODMAP diet for IBS

-advice for chrons/colitis and ceoliacs disease
-identify unusual allergies and food intolerances


Weight loss:

-weight loss programs for a healthier, happier you

-support for weight loss in PCOS, fatty liver


General health:

-cardiovascular health

-diabetes, pre-diabetes

-nutrition in pregnancy and breast feeding, inclduing gestaional diabetes

-vegetarian/vegan diet

-nutrient deficiencies

-weight gain

-pre barriatric nutrition assesment


Initial consultations (50 mins)                             $130


Follow up consultations (30mins)                     $75


Short Follow up consultations (15mins)            $40                                


(prices include GST)


You can book an appointment by talking to recpetion at Mornington Health centre.


Or for queries contact Nutrition & Life directly on 0220793410 or email